May 30, 2015

Bill C-51 Poem

Web Searches That, Thanks to Bill C-51, Will Trigger A CSIS Investigation of You 1. Sweater vests. 2. I found this long gun on the bus, how can I find out who it belongs to? 3. Who is it exactly that’s benefiting from the neoliberalization of the university? 4. The location of today’s peace march. 5. The militarization of our paper money. 6. The militarization of the arctic. 7. Indigenous epistemologies. 8. David Suzuki. 9. What Alberta used to look like. 10. What happened to all the Roma children living in my neighbourhood? 11. The missing and murdered, the missing and murdered, the missing and murdered. 12. Dismantling Canada. 13. The names of trees.