Recent Writing:

“Tasmanian Shores,” a short story published in Prairie Fire 44.4.

“Rubble Children,” the eponymous story from my new collection.

“Tel Aviv – Toronto Red Eye: A Dialogue,” another story from Rubble Children (originally published in This Magazine).

Links to My Online Work:


“Shifting Baseline Syndrome”

“Cousinage: A Meet Cute”

“Acid Trip in a Portapotty”


“Little Shits,” a short story originally published in The Wisconsin Review.

“Toronto 488,” a short story published online at The Brooklyn Review.

“The Streets of Thornhill”

“The Krasners”


“Killing Plants”


Creative Non-Fiction:

“Toronto’s (Not So) Jewish Suburbs”

Review Essays:

I reviewed Saeed Teebi’s Her First Palestinian for The Literary Review of Canada. You can also check out a substack letter where I compare Teebi’s story “Enjoy Your Life, Capo,” to Nicole Krauss’s story “Shelter.”

“The Terrible Bloom of What We Planted: Three Canadians Confront Israel/Palestine”

Review of Jonathan Safran Foer’s Here I Am