April 16, 2016

Where Has Inky the Octopus Gone? (Poem)

Where Has Inky the Octopus Gone? Or, Animal Intelligence The question on all our minds: where has Inky the octopus gone? Well, Inky’s gone to the Sorbonne. Inky’s just about finished his Proust. Inky’s writing a treatise on the nature of time. Inky just received a SSHRC (Inky’s funding will be adjusted accordingly). Inky’s headed towards Jerusalem to resume negotiations. Inky believes in a binational one-state solution (obviously). Inky just read sixteen books on ethnic cleansing. Inky just saw the video on YouTube showing all the nuclear bombs we’ve set off (so many in the ocean—why?! Why?!). Inky just learned about factory farms. Inky’s had enough. Inky’s decided we’re beyond help. Inky’s decamped from our front lawn. So don’t ask where Inky’s at, because Inky, well, Inky’s gone.