You and Me, Belonging

In You and Me, Belonging, Aaron Kreuter explores our contemporary world with insight, originality, and empathy. The stories in this debut collection are brimming with characters striving to fit in, to find their place in the world, to belong. A Jewish waitress has an affair with a Palestinian chef. A one-percenter self destructs when he becomes obsessed with mastering the guitar. A university student stoned in Amsterdam hallucinates about Anne Frank on Birthright Israel. In the closing novella, a vanful of young women follow a fictional jam band across America, steeping in counterculture, music, and the ups and downs of the road. The collection is satiric and emotional, angry and hopeful, passionate and surprising. Like a wedding speech gone off the rails, like the best improvised music, You and Me, Belonging takes readers to some unexpected places.

Arguments For Lawn Chairs

The poems in Arguments for Lawn Chairs take multiple positions. The poems in Arguments For Lawn Chairs don’t trust your grandmother’s cooking. They have visited Pangea, they have visited Toronto and Montreal, the B.C. Gulf Islands, Tiberias, the tailing ponds near Sudbury, and they are still not satisfied, are still unconvinced, still need more proof. They are suckers for dovetailed boxes, winter fire pits, houses that sit not quite true, a rent garbage bag spilling its guts on Queen Street. The poems in Arguments for Lawn Chairs have some choice words for Orpheus, for Eurydice, for Beowulf, for Dumbledore and Hermione. The poems in Arguments for Lawn Chairs are devoid of hope, but are joyful nonetheless.

Aaron Kreuter is a writer of fiction and poetry. He is the author of the 2016 poetry collection Arguments For Lawn Chairs, published by Guernica Editions, and the short story collection You and Me, Belonging, forthcoming from Tightrope Books in fall 2018. His writing has appeared in The Puritan, Arc Poetry, Grain Magazine, The Rusty Toque, Best Canadian Poetry, Poetry is Dead, The Temz Review, as well as other journals and anthologies. He placed third in the inaugural Word On The Street Writing DiverCity contest in 2017, and his novella “A/V,” which appears in You and Me, Belonging, was shortlisted for The Malahat Review‘s 2016 Novella Prize. Aaron received his Ph.D. in English Literature from York University in January 2020. His academic work explores Jewish North American fiction, diaspora, and Israel/Palestine, and has won numerous awards, including, in 2018, The Philip Roth Society Siegel McDaniel Award for Graduate Student Writing.

You can contact Aaron at You can follow Aaron on Twitter at @aaronkreuter. He does not have Facebook.