May 29th 2015:

(Originally posted as “Online Activity / NYC Readings”)

My poem “Paddling the Nickel Tailings Near Sudbury” was recently on Split This Rock‘s weekly poetry blog. You can read it here.

Also, five poems of mine–that were featured at last year’s PULP Paper Art Party–were included in the digital book that was a product of the party. The book was put together by Jess Taylor and the EW Reading Series. The whole book is free, and can be found here.

Finally, I have two upcoming readings in New York City in June, where I’ll be reading with other poets who have had their work in the Best Canadian Poetry anthologies. On June 23rd, I’ll be reading at the Bryant Park Word For Word reading series; and on June 24th, I’ll be reading at the KGB Bar in the East Village. If you’re going to be in New York at the end of June, come out to hear some Canadian poetry!

That’s it for now.

October 8th 2014:

(Originally posted as “Summer Roundup”)

By all metrics, it was a terrible summer. War, environmental disasters, political hypocrisy, weaponized hatreds. In my own circumscribed world, however, there were some small successes, a few surprises, and a book deal. So, in no way taking away from the horrors of the macro, here is a round up of my own, inconsequential micro.

I read poetry at three events this summer. In June, I headlined the inaugural Firepit Reading Series in London, Ontario, put on and hosted by David Huebert. This was the first time I read my poem “Handwritten Addendum to the Torah Left On The Moon” in public, along with other new–and newish–work. (True to its name, after the reading, the night refocused around the firepit.) In August, I read at the two-day long mega-reading that took place at the BIG on Bloor street festival, hosted by Jess Taylor. Finally, in honour of Leonard Cohen’s eightieth birthday, I read six of Cohen’s poems at Jewish Urban Meeting Place, as well as one of my own poems written to Cohen. Reading through his selected poetry in preparation for the reading, I remembered anew how fundamental Cohen’s poetry is to my own poetic sensibilities.

Out of the dozens, if not twenties, of rejection letters I received this summer, there were also a few acceptances. Two of my poems—“Abandoned Novel Openings Rendered as Tweets” and “The Canadian Prime Minister Visits Israel”—were picked up to be inEcholocation, coming out sometime this fall. As well, my poem “Fan Fiction,” from Vallum 10.1, was chosen by Sonnet L’Abbe to be included in Tightrope Books’ Best Canadian Poetry 2014, which I couldn’t be more excited about. And finally, in May I was offered publication of my first full-length poetry collection, Escape Plans, by Guernica Editions. Look for it sometime in 2017 (aka the distant future)!

Turning back to the wider world, the summer ended with the possibility of hope, in the form of 310, 000 people who attended the Climate People’s March in New York City, and the thousands upon thousands who joined them in cities around the world, including Toronto.

Let’s see what the fall has to offer.

June 30th 2013:

This spring and summer I’ve had a run of poems published, both in print and online: “Fan Fiction,” my taking to task of characters in the Harry Potter universe for various things, was in Vallum 10.1; Four poems from my five-poem series “High School,” about urban landscapes, graffiti, and teenage loss, were featured in pacificREVIEW, published annually out of San Diego State University; and finally, “Orpheus and Eurydice: Notes Towards a New Epic,” where I take O and E out of their mythical milieu and plop them down in the online world of Twitter and Silicon Valley, just came out in Carte Blanche 17 (click here to go the poem).

Stay tuned for more.

April 11th 2012:

The Hart House Review launch is this Friday at the Hart House. Not only do I have a poem in it, but I’ll be reading at the launch! Word is there’ll be beer, and food.

March 16th 2012:

My short story, “Moving Day,” is this week’s featured story on Black Heart Magazine! To read the story, and check out the magazine, just click here!

(Disclaimer: the pictures in the story were chosen by the magazine, and do not necessarily represent any aspect of the story, nor me, the story’s author…)

January 20th 2012:

InkTank magazine has published three of my poems on their website! Just click here for their latest issue.

Though I have been away from the website since the start of the new year (for which I heartily apologize), expect a new blog post very soon: the Institute For Things To Do With Books is hard at work preparing to bring you more from the exciting, dangerous world of books.

December 16th 2011:

Interested in spicing up your book reading? Check out my new blog post, a communique direct from the Institute For Things To Do With Books!

November 25th 2011:

My new chapbook, Suburbs I & II is printed, folded, numbered, and ready for the world! Click here for more information.

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